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Nanni Holén

Nanni Holén is a freelance product and furniture designer since 2004. Her studio is based in Stockholm and materials and the procedure vary depending on the project, but the bottom line is always to focus on simplicity, clarity and sustainability. View all products from Nanni Holén

Material & Dimensions
Designer Nanni Holén
Collection Title Design House Stockholm
Dimensions (mm) 900×20×110 mm
Dimensions (Inches) 35”×0.8”×4.3”
Dimensions box (mm) 465×25×120mm
Dimensions Box (Inches) 18”×1”×4.7”
Product weight (Kg) 1.1 kg
Product weight (Lbs) 2.4 Lbs
SKU White: 1091-0100, Black: 1091-1000
Material Lacquered metal.
Other info One set includes two pieces. Each piece: W 45 cm, H 11 cm.