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Trio Vases


Jonas Wagell

Jonas Wagell is a Swedish architect and designer based in Stockholm. 

"My design is focused on functional items rather than artistic objects. I appreciate products that can be used everyday and be a part of people's lives. I believe affection and emotion is more important than exclusivity and expensive materials. My aim is to create simplistic objects that are easy to understand and use, but try to add something personal and expressive. I like to call this philosophy a 'generous minimalism'. Great design is not made by expensive materials per se, but rather a combination of functionality and affection. It has to withstand the wear and tear of eye and time." View all products from Jonas Wagell

Material & Dimensions
Designer Jonas Wagell
Collection Title Design House Stockholm
Dimensions (mm) Ø 80 mm, H 60 / 80 / 120 mm
Dimensions (Inches) Ø3.25”, H 2.5”/3.2”/4.75”
Dimensions box (mm) 205×200×90 mm
Dimensions Box (Inches) 14”×11.5”×8”
Product weight (g) 560 g
Product weight (Lbs) 1.3 Lbs
SKU 1996-
Material Hand-made glass
Other info Dishwasher safe.
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