Meet the designers and hear them present their news for 2020 (Video)
During Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair did we grab the opportunity to present what's coming for 2020. We dare to say that it will be an eventful year and we have put the spotlight on new projects you've never seen before. Take Terra Chair for an example – the first locally massproduced chair in the world, or Color Accent consisting of nine different furniture pieces selected out of our product range and then colored in four different palettes inspired by Karin & Karl Larsson. See our press conference in the video below:

Atelier Collection by Alexander Lervik

“I wanted to hang a lot of clothes in a small space, and then be able to find a specific jacket or shirt immediately. I also wanted to create a frame for the garments, to give them an architectural enclosure with a distinct, direct graphic identity thanks to the thin steel frame. The coconut fiber mat adds a touch of cozy softness, and a space for shoes." To product →

Botanic Collection by Atelier 2+

“My mother grew basil, chilis, cilantro and aloe vera, and we even had a banana tree when I was a kid,” Ada Chirakranont remembers. “Bringing greenery inside is a pleasure for us, because we simply love plants, and many cities – including Bangkok – have far too many buildings, but not enough green spaces,” adds Worapong Manupipatpong." To product →

Exit trolley by Gunilla Allard

“I wanted to create a flexible and slender little trolley that supports and enhances the whole range of accessories presented by Design House Stockholm. It’s definitely a challenge for me to work in wood – you would think you would have to allow for slightly thicker dimensions, but Exit Trolley was made as thinly as possible in order to shape a distinctly graphic profile.” To product →

Lasso Mirror by Axel Bjurström

“What more do you need to put a mirror on the wall than a rope, a knob, and a reflective surface? Just tighten the lasso somewhat around the middle of the glass, and you have a tactile contrast between textile softness and perfect, nearly metallic glass. Hang your circular or rectangular mirror on the wall with the rope threaded through the back. Secure with the decorative knob in solid oak.” To product →

Luna Lamp by Alexander Lervik

“If you want to shape any interior space with light, the light source simply must be free from compromise. My dream was a globe as perfect as the full moon: no shadows, just perfect iridescent light. But how would I get rid of that lid covering the cables and the hanging mechanism that compromises every glass globe I’ve ever seen? My solution is to make the cap an invisible part of the globe itself.” To product →

Placemat by Helena Sellergren

“I’m fascinated by the delicate veins of leaves and the inner geometry of flowers. These place mats were inspired by the hidden geometries of nature. Starting with a silkscreen print, I elaborate, straighten and reduce everything into dots and lines. Nothing too even or too polished; it has to retain that inner breath, that rhythm, and the sheer vibration that makes it human: not too perfect, but a harmonious whole. To product →

Unda Carafe by Matti Klenell

“The Unda carafe was created for the restaurant and bar at Nationalmuseum. With the Unda glasses stacked on top, it can serve as a centerpiece on any table. My challenge was to create handmade glassware that was not only visually appealing, but also tactile, with the ridge that accentuates the proper fill level.” To product →

Terra Chair by Alexander Lervik

3D-production was all the rave ten years ago: just email your design and print it locally, no need for transport. The acclaimed Swedish designer Alexander Lervik looked even further in a TEDx lecture 10 years ago: why not create a Spotify for design before and not after everything gets copied? ”We were about to land in the same position as musicians and record labels at the end of the ‘90s, everybody downloading without paying,” says Alexander. ”I wanted to be proactive before it was too late. And now we are finally ready!” To product →

Color Accent – A collaboration with Sundborn Estate

Nordic designers have been at the forefront of the international design scene for decades. But haven’t we been a bit restricted in terms of color? Design House Stockholm has decided to reach across the centuries and dress up 9 objects selected from our contemporary collection of accessory furniture pieces with 4 of the bold colors of Karin Larsson, a legend of Swedish art and design. Karin created furniture and textiles in a pre-modernist style in the late-nineteenth century. Her rich, bold color palette is celebrated in paintings by her husband Carl Larsson. Both are fixtures of the Swedish art and design world, and Design House Stockholm has decided that its most innovative collection of furniture will be rendered anew with this colorful bond to bridge two centuries together. Our selection of designers, who have all chosen their own favorite color, includes: Lina Nordqvist (Family Chair), Gunilla Allard (Exit Trolley), Karl Malmvall (Step Ladder), Chuck Mack (Arco Sidetable), Mathieu Gustafsson (Air Cabinet), Atelier 2 (Greenhouse), Alexander Lervik (Atelier Floor Hanger), Karl Malmvall and Jesper Ståhl (Wick Chair), and Jesper Ståhl (Flip Table). To product →