Flip Table awarded table of the year by Plaza Interiör

Working with creative minds gives us great pleasure. It feels even better when their work gets highlighted by the surrounding. We are proud and grateful for the designer community we through 27 years have had the fortune to surround us with.  It was with a warm heart that we received the news that Jesper Ståhl’s Flip Table has been awarded table of the year by the magazine Plaza Interior in Sweden.

Jesper Ståhl has in our mind created a future design classic. It took him 20 hinges and a lot of scratching his head to solve the problem of fitting a table in smaller urban apartments. He asked himself;
- “Why not create three tables instead of one? Why not merge these three tables into a single transformable piece?”. These were questions that were spinning in Jesper’s head. A piece of paper and a nagged pencil do wonders for ideas, and it didn’t take long before he had found the solution in a table that folds around its own joint in six different angles.

“I already had the basic idea from the first sketches I drew and didn’t let it go until I was 100 per cent satisfied,” says Jesper.


As a publishing house for Scandinavian design we have met designers that come to us with just an embryo of an idea, but we do also meet designers that step into the office with a prototype of an already perfect product – And we love both! In this case Jesper belonged more to the second type and together we did some small final adjustments until we had what we thought was the perfect table.

Flip can be used as a dining table for six, a desk when folded once, or a sculptural side table when folded twice. There are no loose parts; instead the twenty hinges that adorn every side provide the solution.