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Step stepladder


Karl Malmwall

It was certainly no accident that Karl Malmvall became a furniture designer. He more or less grew up in Karl Andersson & Sons’ furniture factory in Huskvarna, a firm started by his grandfather and for which his own father designed furniture. After studying at the Carl Malmsten school in Stockholm and the Aarhus architectural college in Denmark, Karl was discovered by Gillis Lundgren who was one of Ivar Kamprad’s closest collaborators. This resulted in two decades of working at IKEA, initially at the furniture giant’s design office in Switzerland and thereafter in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The years that he spent at IKEA stimulated an interest in the practical details of design that few designers devote much attention to: creating a product that not only works well but that is also well adapted to manufacture and distribution.

Over the years Karl has acquired a notable collection of such items and it was the prototype of a folding chair that he presented when he first met with Design House Stockholm’s founder and managing director Anders Färdig. View all products from Karl Malmwall

Material & Dimensions
Designer Karl Malmwall
Collection Title Design House Stockholm
Dimensions (mm) 450×50×1390mm
Dimensions (Inches) 18”×2”×55”
Dimensions box (mm) 480×75×1450mm
Dimensions Box (Inches) 19”×3”×57”
Product weight (Kg) 7.1kg
Product weight (Lbs) 15.6 Lbs
SKU 1749-0190, 1749-1090,1749-0100, 1749-1000, 1749-8400
EAN-code White matte: 7 340043 313488, Black matte: 7 340043 313495, White lacquer: 7 340043 300648, Black lacquer: 7 340043 300655, Oak: 7 340043 306190
Material Black/white matte solid beech, black/white lacquered solid beech. Oak, solid oak
Other info Unfolded: platform height 66 cm (26”), total height 126 cm (50”), depth 77 cm (30”). Supplied with a hook for wall-mounting.
Care instructions Wipe with damp cloth.