NM& Sand dinnerware

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Carina Seth Andersson

Carina Seth Andersson is a Swedish designer who is known for her distinctive yet purposeful objects in glass, ceramic and sometimes textile. Her design process is about scaling-back, finding the balance between simplicity and meaningful form to result in pieces that have a timeless quality.

Carina works on commissions from a wide range of Scandinavian and international design producers, as well as in her studio in Gustavsberg, an area famous for its porcelain production in the Stockholm archipelago. With an MFA from Konstfack, Carina lectures at Beckmans College of Design and at various design courses throughout Sweden. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. Her pieces are also part of the permanent collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen. View all products from Carina Seth Andersson

Material & Dimensions
Designer Carina Seth Andersson
Collection Title Sand Collection
Dimensions (mm) Plates: 120/190/260/280mm. Bowls/cups volume: 22/35/35 cl. Bowls: 170mm
SKU 2551/2552/2553/2554/2555/2557/2558/2559/2560
Material Nature colored stoneware.
Other info Laser engraved NM& logo.
Care instructions Dishwasher & Microwave safe. Room temperature to oven safe.
Dimension Image

Sand Collection

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    NM& Sand plate 12 cm
    SEK 135
  2. ,
    NM& Sand plate 19 cm
    SEK 165
  3. ,
    NM& Sand plate 26 cm
    SEK 235
  4. ,
    NM& Sand plate 28 cm
    SEK 255
  5. ,
    NM& Sand bowl/cup
    SEK 165
  6. ,
    NM& Sand cup w handle
    SEK 175
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    NM& Sand bowl
    SEK 265