Luna lamp

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Alexander Lervik

For his design college graduation exhibition back in 1998, Alexander Lervik at the tender age of 26 had unknowingly hit on what was to become his winning concept. With his exhibition 10 stools 10 decades he had combined concept design, unlikely partnerships and innovations in what turned out to be his way in to the industry.

This three-way design approach is defining for Alexander Lervik’s almost 20-year career as one of Sweden’s leading designers, whose quest for innovation speaks louder than the passion for creating beautiful objects.

“I rarely get hung up on the details or art-for-art’s sake. What fires me is the desire to create a product based on a novel concept or invention. I see this as my forte, though some might see it as a failing in a designer”, says Alexander. View all products from Alexander Lervik

Material & Dimensions
Designer Alexander Lervik
Collection Title Luna Collection
Dimensions (mm) Small: Ø16 mm / Medium: Ø300 mm / Large: Ø400 mm
Dimensions (Inches) Small: Ø6" / Medium: Ø12" / Large: Ø16"
Product weight (Kg) Small: 0.7 kg / Medium: 2.1 kg / Large: 2.7 kg
Product weight (Lbs) Small: 1.5 Lbs / Medium: 4.5 Lbs / Large: 16 Lbs
SKU Small: 2483-0100 / Medium: 2484-0100 / Large: 2485-0100
Material Mouth blown opal glass globe, transparent PVC-cord with steel wire core, acrylic cross.
Other info Large and Medium: E27 socket (220V-240V/50Hz), 3-meter cord (with integrated suspension steel wire). Recommended light source: E27 max 10,5 W dimmable LED (not included in the product sold separately 2490-0000). Small: E14 socket 220V-240V/50Hz), 3-meter.
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Luna Collection

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    Luna lamp Opaque Small
    SEK 2,125
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    Luna lamp Opaque Medium
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    Luna lamp Opaque Large
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    Luna lamp clear medium
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    Luna lamp clear large
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