Fields rug

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Fields rug


Lena Bergström

Lena Bergström has a deep knowledge of craftsmanship and an utmost respect and love for the material that she is working with whether it is glass, metal or textiles. Basket Rug is entirely made by hand and has a reminiscence of old times hand woven baskets. The special technique of hand-tufting runs in different directions to en- hance the three-dimensional feel of Basket. New colours are a grey- brown, that blends well with both grey and brown-beige colours, and dark green. Several threads in different shades creates the desired lustre. The rug is then carefully cut by hand into a tromp l’oeil graphic pattern that pays homage to Swedish handicraft traditions such as birch bark baskets and rucksacks. Sharp angles and soft transitions play the roles in a shadow play that is both illusion and reality. View all products from Lena Bergström

Material & Dimensions
Designer Lena Bergström
Collection Title Design House Stockholm
Dimensions (mm) 700×1300 mm / 800×2500 mm / 1700×2400 mm / 2000×3000 mm
Dimensions (Inches) 28”× 51” / 32”× 99” / 67”× 95” / 79”×118”
Dimensions box (mm) Ø100, H 700 mm / Ø100, H 800 mm / Ø120, H 1700 mm / Ø150, H 2000 mm
Dimensions Box (Inches) Ø4”, H 28” / Ø4”, H 32” / Ø5”, H 67” / Ø6”, H 79”
Product weight (Kg) 1.1 kg / 2.6 kg / 5 kg / 7 kg
Product weight (Lbs) 2.4 Lbs / 5.7 Lbs / 11 Lbs / 16 Lbs
SKU 2399, 2400, 2401, 2402
Material 100% wool with leather edging.
Other info Packaging: leather strings and plastic bag.
Care instructions Packaging: leather strings and plastic bag. When cleaning the rug we recommend using a qualified rug specialist. Small stains on wool may be removed with water.

Design House Stockholm

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