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Takafumi Nemoto

Takafumi Nemoto was born in Japan. He has worked as a designer and business planner for a manufacturer of car components. Since he graduated from his Master’s in product design at ECAL (École Canto- nale d’Art de Lausanne), his studio has predominantly designed elec- tronic products in Tokyo. He works from an actively global perspective with local references since he lived in Singapore and Switzerland. He was awarded “Young Japanese Design Talent” 2015 by EDIDA / ELLE DÉCOR, and “LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT 2017”, where he represented Saitama Prefecture. View all products from Takafumi Nemoto

Material & Dimensions
Designer Takafumi Nemoto
Collection Title Bonsai Collection
SKU Cloud: 2611-1000 / Breeze: 2612-1000 / Blossom: 2613-1000
Material Fragrance tree: Natural rattan. Ceramic vase: Stoneware. Fragrance: Scented oil.
Care instructions Ceramic vase: Dishwasher safe

Bonsai Collection

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