Arco Trestles table (set of 2)

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Arco Trestles table


Chuck Mack

Chuck Mack is an American designer who is half-Icelandic, and currently lives and works in Reykjavik. A self-taught designer and carpenter, Chuck quotes Jack Kerouac to explain his design philosophy: “The best teacher is experience and not through someone’s distorted point of view”. View all products from Chuck Mack

Material & Dimensions
Designer Chuck Mack
Collection Title Arco Collection
Dimensions (mm) 720×340×700mm
Dimensions (Inches) 28”×13”×28”
Dimensions box (mm) 770×410×920cm
Dimensions Box (Inches) 30”×16”×36”
Product weight (Kg) 6,5kg
Product weight (Lbs) 14.3Lbs
SKU Oak: 2610-8400, Black: 2610-1000
Material Lacquered solid wood.
Care instructions Wipe with damp cloth.

Arco Collection

  1. ,
    Arco Trestles (table) Black
    SEK 2,495
    Design: Chuck Mack
  2. ,
    Arco small table Black
    SEK 1,750
    Design: Chuck Mack
  3. ,
    Arco side table Black
    SEK 3,750
    Design: Chuck Mack
  4. ,
    Arco table 90x180 Black
    SEK 9,375
    Design: Chuck Mack
  5. ,
    Arco table 90x220 Black
    SEK 11,700
    Design: Chuck Mack
  6. ,
    Arco desk black
    SEK 9,695
    Design: Chuck Mack
  7. ,
    Arco coffee table 42x180 Black
    SEK 5,900
    Design: Chuck Mack