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Deco Vase


Ann Wåhlström

It all started with a longing to do something in ceramics again – a material that glass-artist and designer Ann Wåhlström refers to as her “first material”. As a teenager Ann Wåhlström dreamed of becoming a potter but in due course she transferred her affection to glass. Since training in ceramics at Capellagården on the Baltic island of Öland she has almost exclusively worked with glass and is recognized today as one of Sweden’s leading glass artists – a designer who mixes her traditional schooling in Sweden with the more experimental approach that prevails in the USA. As she explains about her encounter with glass: “I was bitten by glass while at the glass training school at Orrefors in 1979, and the rest is history …” View all products from Ann Wåhlström

Material & Dimensions
Designer Ann Wåhlström
Collection Title Design House Stockholm
Dimensions (mm) Rain: Ø170, H 170 mm / Straw: Ø130, H 200 mm / Tiles: Ø110, H 120 mm
Dimensions (Inches) Rain: Ø6.7”, H 6.7” / Straw: Ø5", H 9" / Ø4.5",H 4.7
Dimensions box (mm) Rain: 180×180×180 mm / Straw: 140×140×210 mm / Tiles: 115×115×130 mm
Dimensions Box (Inches) Rain: 7"×7"×7" / Straw: 5.5"×5.5"×8.5" / 4.5"×4.5"×5"
SKU Rain: 2434-0108 / Straw: 2435-0108 / Tiles: 2436-0108
Material New bone china with inglazed decal.
Care instructions Dishwasher safe.